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Art is in my blood

I was born in Toronto and raised in Muskoka-Parry Sound. I studied painting and sculpture for many years from my grandfather George (a graphic artist in Toronto and graduate of OCAD).  


I graduated with a BA (Hons) in Physical Geography from Carleton University, Ottawa and was trained as a cartographer, remote sensing specialist, and terrestrial/ aerial surveyor in the Canadian Army.  During this period I worked on many projects from around the world, and produced maps for army units, disaster relief agencies, and the Prime Minister's office.  I also worked on remote predictive mapping techniques with the Canadian Space Agency, Natural Resources Canada, and NASA.

Never Give Up

As a disabled veteran I try to paint daily as a relaxation technique and I can't imagine not painting.   I don't produce a large volume of work, but when I paint or draw it is 100% my feelings, mood, and energy at that moment.  As I am retired I would rather paint for relaxation and quality than quantity. Ultimately I hope this positive energy reaches you the viewer.